Why Valspar?

Regardless of what your highest priority is – aesthetics, budget, eco-friendliness or performance – every factor should be taken into account when it comes to your project. So why choose?  The scope
of your vision should never be compromised. Which is why we always deliver on a very straightforward promise: If it matters, we’re on it.®


Whether it's burgeoning technology or industry standards, our Industrial Coatings Division is in a constant state of forward momentum. And when it comes to the High-Performance Architectural Coatings business, our innovations drive the industry.

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What We Do

Without the coating services we offer, metal products would have a very different look. And the stunning durability of building, construction and transport market products, as well as light fixtures and appliances, would probably be an afterthought. Truth be told, Valspar is committed to enhancing the performance and appearance of any project. It's our mission to make your decision easier when it comes down to your coil coating project.

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Leading Innovation

Changing the industry can be a job in and of itself. Then again, 200 years of experience in an industry tends to give you a leg up. Take a look at a few ways we do it.


The easiest way to stay innovative? Make sure that you understand your customers' current and future needs.


We're constantly testing and retesting. Not just on current product lines. It's also about looking ahead.


New technology obviously comes at a price. But we've learned that you can't put a price on innovation.


The first step to staying ahead of market trends. Paying attention to what the rest of the industry is doing.

Service & Value

Outstanding Service

We've solved problems at 2 a.m. during the coating process. Our knowledgeable technicians have offered on-site support. The rapid response of our sales and customer teams has helped customers in record time. And we’re known for quick turnarounds on product orders. When it comes to customer service, we’ve got the best in the industry.

Superior Value

We're known for high performance. It applies to our products, as well as our services and employees. With our wealth of technical knowledge, leadership and customer support, your project will always reach its full potential. We bring 200 years of coating expertise, along with the quality, integrity and dependability that come with it.