Novacoil Anti-Microbial Specialities

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  • Shelving
  • HDG Steel
  • Hospitals
  • Galvalume
  • Aluminium Coil
  • HVAC
  • Wall Panels
  • Commercial


UV50% Sun Exposure


COATS2 Coats


Excellence at a microscopic level.
When clean at an extreme level is your goal, this is your paint. Novacoil® Anti-Microbial top-coat polyester is your choice of coating for sterile environments like hospitals, labs and other spaces where maximum protection is required. This product has been developed to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms to keep your structure or product safe. Rigorous testing has been carried out in accordance with standards JIS Z 2801:2000.

This anti-microbial top coat uses a polyester-amino resin system and additives that protect surfaces from the growth of bacteria.

Novacoil Anti-Microbial top-coat polyester is flexible and formable, and adheres easily while offering superior, long-term, anti-microbial protection. The benefits continue with exceptional colour and gloss consistency, plus enhanced and durable performance and finish. Use on interior surfaces such as, including pretreated or primed aluminium, zinc-coated steel, HDG steel, CRS, AlZn, Galvalume® and Galfan®. Apply with a roller in coil coating line and consider the surface clean.

Keeping it clean and simple. Novacoil Anti-Microbial is available as a smart white polyester coating. Microbes beware.

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