Novacoil PUR Printable Specialities

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  • Chemical Resistance
  • HDG Steel
  • Exterior Application
  • Galvalume
  • Interior Application
  • Aluminium Coil
  • Commercial


UV75% Sun Exposure


COATS2 Coats


Printable adhesion and protection for outdoor signage.
This smooth-finish, polyurethane top coat is uniquely formulated as a base for printed signage. Novacoil® PUR Printable stands out under the toughest outdoor or indoor conditions. This tough coat has outstanding adhesion and flexibility and no yellowing at high appliance temperatures. Superior performance for long-lasting signs of the times.

This smooth, polyurethane top coat is specially formulated to provide excellent print adhesion for outdoor signage.

Put Novacoil PUR Printable on the job to support messages on pretreated and primed (or directly on pretreated) substrates like aluminium, HDG steel, CRS, AlZn, Galvalume® and Galfan®. Novacoil PUR Printable is also available as a one-layer system for interior applications.

Novacoil PUR Printable carries the message in mostly white shades, but can also be special ordered in other colours. Send a message of excellence.

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