Novacoil Anti-Graffiti Specialities

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  • Galvalume
  • Aluminium Coil
  • HDG Steel
  • Pre-Engineered Building
  • Monumental Structures
  • Shop Fronts
  • Mobile Homes
  • Wall Panels
  • Truck Trailer
  • Commercial


UV75% Sun Exposure


COATS3 Coats


Easy Graffiti-Removal Coating.
We have nothing against self-expression, unless it’s sprayed on your design work. Graffiti removal is labour intensive and costly. Novacoil® Anti-Graffiti lacquer is the uniquely tough and innovative non-stick surface that makes most spray paints easy to remove. Protect your exteriors with non-stick coating that prevents graffiti from adhering.

This clear, non-stick top-coat system uses a premium 70% PVDF resin system and additives that improve anti-graffiti properties.

Novacoil Anti-Graffiti possesses great flexibility and formability, in addition to excellent adhesion to proper base coats. Its anti-graffiti properties will stand up to numerous removals (until they go find a new wall to spray). Also, Novacoil® Anti-Graffiti has a high resistance to UV light. Cover with a roller in coil coating line, and massive protection is applied.

This is the colour of clear protection. Novacoil comes in a clear lacquer with gloss 50-60. We can also provide lower gloss levels and tinted versions upon request.

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