Novacoil Primer 861 Primers

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  • Aluminium Coil
  • Galvalume
  • HDG Steel




First layer of protection.
This primer is ready to deliver extra corrosion protection or added adhesion when needed. Novacoil® Primer 861 is a chromate-free epoxy primer to be used under a backer. Its large curing window makes it easy to use on line, and its toughness makes it the long-term choice.

This chrome-free modified epoxy primer contains anti-corrosive pigments to offer maximum substrate protection while providing excellent adhesion.

Novacoil Primer 861 adheres superbly to substrates like aluminium, HDG steel, CRS and AlZn. Ease of use is a fact with its large curing window. Corrosion becomes a non-issue on surfaces using Novacoil Primer 861. Used with an epoxy backer, this primer is applied during roll-forming operations to prevent corrosion, provide great adhesion to foam and glue, plus add a beautiful aesthetic to any project.

Novacoil Primer 861 is the first layer of protection. It makes other colours adhere, last and stand out. Novacoil Primer 861 is available in hard-working transparent white.

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