Versoval High Solid Backer Backers

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  • HDG Steel
  • Residential
  • Galvalume
  • Aluminium Coil
  • Commercial
High-Solid Residential Commercial


UV33% Sun Exposure

RESINHS Polyester



An innovative, universal backer system.
Versoval™ High-Solid Backer is a premium coating that gives you another outstanding Valspar layer of protection. This modified-polyester coating covers better, protects better and helps adhesion better than standard backers. High-volume solids in excess of 60% provide a higher coverage rate with less waste, make this backer highly desirable for exceptional coating. Can be used with a chromate primer to provide improved corrosion resistance with specific substrates or in demanding situations.

This high-performance backer system uses an epoxy-modified polyester resin system to provide excellent coverage and adhesion.

Versoval High-Solid Backer provides a thin, highly functional coating to the back or unexposed side of a coil substrate – applied as a one-coat or two-coat system. Formulated specifically for the industry to adhere to a wide range of substrate surfaces, including pretreated and/or primed aluminium, HDG steel, CRS, AlZn, Galvalume® and Galfan®. One coat adds protection, performance and beauty, and improves adhesion.

Versoval High-Solid Backers are offered in standard whites and greys, a slightly structured surface for special applications and a clear lacquer.

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