Novacoil PUR Roller Shutter Topcoats

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  • Exterior Application
  • Aluminium Coil
  • Interior Application
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Commercial
Solar-Reflective Commercial


UV75% Sun Exposure




Maximum protection for window applications.
Our Novacoil® PUR Roller Shutter polyurethane-based, textured coating provides outstanding benefits for your next project. Scratch resistant and with excellent adhesion; cover your exterior and interior window treatments with Valspar quality.

This high-performance top coat uses a polyurethane resin system that provides excellent adhesion and scratch resistance. Available in a wide range of colours, this top-coat system provides exceptional resistance to UV rays, making it the perfect choice for window applications.

Novacoil PUR Roller Shutter can be applied on pretreated and/or primed aluminium roller shutters and blinds. Thanks to great flexibility/formability, anti-dirt properties, outstanding resistance to UV light and atmospheric corrosion, PUR Roller Shutter is a first-choice product that can be applied to both the front and back of the coil substrate. Also available with Solar-Reflective pigmentation for energy efficiency and even better durability.

Select from classic whites and metallics, plus a wide colour palette of window-enhancing hues, shades and vivid brights.

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