Valspar Recognized for Sustainability in Paint Supplier Innovation Awards

In the first ever Paint Supplier Innovation Awards, Valspar has been recognized as the Most Innovative Paint Supplier in the Sustainability category.

ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steel and mining company, established the Paint Supplier Innovation Awards to encourage and stimulate creativity and inventiveness among its suppliers.

“Valspar’s products are clear examples of the investments they have made in sustainability,” said Jean-Luc Thirion, General Manager of R&D (ArcelorMittal). “Their products save resources not only by incorporating biorenewables, but by increasing efficiency and reducing waste for users.”

The first recognition event attracted more than 20 entries from numerous suppliers. Judging was based on criteria including originality of the innovation, product benefits and implementation feasibility. Awards were given in four categories: New Functionalities, Sustainability, Performance and Aesthetics. Four suppliers, including Valspar within the Sustainability category, were honored for their outstanding project ideas that have helped ArcelorMittal gain an edge over its competitors 

“We’ve spent 10 years researching and investing in raw material optimization to create products that are environmentally friendly, yet remain cost efficient for our customers,” said Pasi Niemisto, Business Director for Coil Europe. “We are proud to have patented our innovations in the field and we look forward to continuing to fulfill our green agenda. We’re very pleased that ArcelorMittal values these priorities as well.”